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Bristol Coach & Limousine Policies

Rental of services  is with full acknowledgement and agreement of the following terms and conditions. Bristol Coach requires a credit card to process all reservations. All online reservation must be made at least 72 hours prior to pickup time, otherwise call us toll free 1 888 222 2817

Transportation from your house/office (Point to point transportation)

When we arrive at your location the first 15 minutes of our wait, there is no charge. After that we charge $10.00 for every 15 minutes of wait time.

Airport Arrivals

We grant a 45-minute grace period after a domestic flight arrival, 1-hour grace period after a reported international flight arrival, and a 1-hour grace period after a charter flight arrival. All other pick-ups receive a 15-minute grace period. After the grace period has elapsed, additional waiting time is charged at $45.00 per/hour for Sedans and $55.00 to $65.00 per/hour for Limousines retroactive to the scheduled pick up time.

To avoid a no show fee please do not leave the airport before calling us at 508 222 1773

We do not allow eating food in any of our vehicles to/from the airports.



All fares are collected in advance and can be paid by:

A minimum deposit of $150.00 (or higher for proms, special events, and weddings) is required to confirm a reservation. After received, deposits are non-refundable. A credit card is required to confirm airport reservations and are subject to cancellation fees listed below:

Additional Charges

Cancellation / No Show Fees


No possession, sale or consumption of any type of narcotics or illegal drugs is permitted. Violations will result in immediate termination of contract / services and forfeiture of all paid deposits and fees.

Client and renter is responsible for his/her guests, for any damage to the interior and equipments of the vehicle. This is including but not limited to : Gum, wine, alcohol spillage, vomiting, breakage of champagne, wine and drink glasses, breakage of decanters, breakage of lights, television, dvd, radio or cd player. Repair and replacement of items shall have a minimum charge of at least ($100.00) one hundred dollars USD.

All passengers agree to behave in an orderly and well behaved manner. Bristol Coach reserves the right to expel any person from the vehicle and/or terminate this contract in the event of a violation of any of these conditions by any passenger. In the event of such early termination, no portion of the rental fees shall be refunded

A minimum damage fee of $350.00 will applied to ANY damage to the interior of the hired vehicle, whereby client vomits inside of limousine.

Be advised If the police must be call due to unruly behavior an additional $50.00 will be added to the invoice

Prom rentals are subject to our Special Prom Contracts - which will be emailed to you.

In the event that the vehicle requested becomes unavailable, a substitute vehicle will be made at the Company's discretion.

Bristol Coach shall not be held responsible  for late arrival caused by circumstances beyond its control (but not limited to) any acts of nature /weather, road conditions, extreme traffic delays, breakdowns, incorrect flight details or lack of communication advising us of the passengers new itinerary . Bristol Coach assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged baggage or personal belongings, nor for any items left in the vehicle.